How Technology Is Impacting the World with Ease

How Technology Is Impacting the World with Ease

How Technology Is Impacting the World with Ease

Human life is thriving and surviving on the planet due to its singular ability to adapt and create. The species has an instinctive desire to solve its problems through effort, trial and error. This is one reason why we have successfully survived the transition of a barter economy to the present-day trends of ecommerce.

Life today is not restricted to the traditions of going out to grow the wheat for the bread to be consumed tonight. Instead, a few taps on a glass plane (read smartphone) can help you order food from the other side of the city that will get delivered to your doorstep. And you are not required to move off the couch for even a single second until the food arrives!

If this is not a positive impact on technology, then we don’t know what is! To understand how far technology goes for our convenience, let’s explore the concept from an eagle-eye view.

Why technology impacts us?

Technology is a human development that reflects the essence of the needs and culture of the population. The modern society has entwined technology in the fabric of everyday life that cannot be separated without breaking apart the systems of life.

The cyclical nature of society and its bond with technology has worked collectively to impact human behaviours and society’s operation. The prehistoric Indus Valley Civilization proves to be an excellent example for the Pakistani context.

Many millennia later, nestled in our homes with a digital device in our hands that keeps us connected to the world, helps us make money and enables us to stay entertained. It is safe to state that technology is the driving force of economies and social hierarchies that operate in any given society.

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Even the failed pieces of technology have somehow impacted the evolution of human needs and behaviours in a local scenario. Since society’s newer needs trigger technological advancement, the purpose of the concept is to sustain humankind on every piece of land on the planet.

Why technology matters?

Essentially any application engineered with math and science to solve a societal problem can be considered technology. From the ancient compass to GPS’s digital system, each of these wondrous creations can be termed as technology.

We have evolved from the aggressive agrarians of the past to the satiated sedentary lives of modernity with the facilities developed through technological advancements. The feasibility in everyday living, such as the availability of online delivery services and the mere use of the internet has led to the Industrial Revolution of the new millennium.

The virtual existence in social media and video streaming is another aspect of how deeply societal norms influence us; especially when technological developments back them.

From social media breaking the barriers to Netflix joining us in the same category of viewers, technology has helped us reduce individuals’ distance. You can enjoy a video game with realistic simulations through Augmented Reality. What else could one ask for?

What seemed like sci-fi in the 1920s is the reality of the 2020s.

Here is an overview of how technology is successfully making our lives convenient.


Affordable transportation at your beck and call.

While Uber has been the flag bearer of digitizing transportation in the country, but Careem has been the dark horse. From getting a bike ride to the end of the block, to getting your documents delivered from home, along with the regular cab service the Careem app is the pocket-friendly solution to all your transport woes.

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Grocery Basket

Monthly grocery delivered to your doorstep.

Since the pandemic has restricted us to the confines of the home, getting monthly groceries has become a hassle for most. Because everyone likes to shop for their groceries from a variety of stores, finding a one-stop-shop was a challenge.

If you too were searching for online grocery store karachi for the ideal service, then Grocery Basket is precisely what you are looking for! It is like a personal shopper dedicated to your grocery shopping from a variety of stores.

Grocery Basket offers an all-inclusive grocery delivery platform that is time-efficient and easy on the pocket too! It is a unique grocery delivery service that can get your grocery shopping woes solved at once!

From your favorite snacks to refreshing rose water mists, they can fetch anything for you!

Keenu Wallet

Cashless and quick payments at the tap of a finger.

Online payments require a safe gateway that shields you from financial frauds. In a time where cash is evaporating from the wallets and getting replaced by cards and apps, the Keenu Wallet is an excellent choice for Pakistanis.

It is quick, safe, and also packed with exciting rewards.


Medicine home delivered with care.

Ecommerce stores usually do not house medicines and wellness items on the house due to the challenges of verifying prescriptions. But when you log on to Dvago for your immediate medical needs, the app has everything.

From painkillers to nebulizers, everything is available on the website.

Final Thoughts

Life has become a lot more convenient and comfortable since the evolution of tech and ecommerce. Today the population gets to experience the world at the tap of their fingers without moving an inch off the couch.

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It is just a matter of time when driverless electric cars will be roaming the streets of Karachi!