How website colours Schemes Enhance your Marketing Blog

How website colours Schemes Enhance your Marketing Blog

How website colours Schemes Enhance your Marketing Blog

Do you Know?

  • More than 90% of visuals receive more attention than text
  • 85% of online shoppers believe color is the is the primary reason for buying a product
  • Choices of colors by businesses increases their brand visibility by 80%
  • Almost 65% of people don’t buy products if they don’t get products in their color preferences

So, what is Color Psychology that reigns Marketing Blogs?

Choices of colors in making preferences a habit of actuating is an underlying reason to take out a decision. Marketers, these days understand the effectives of visual impact that a website must prevail in letting their visitor in and take desirable actions.

Effective color schemes play a big role in engagement, obtain traffic and creating a distinctive visual experience for the website visitors that tends for longer impact on people’s mind.

Still if you want to know, “Why colors?” Then, you must understand the importance of Psychology going inside the visitors’ mind and their intuitional reflexes to particular color schemes that drives them to take action.

For example, the color red creates a sense of urgency to take actions, green senses environmental happenings that evokes trust and harmony, orange creates sense of haste or impulse etc.

Everything in perceiving colors that spurs actionable doing deals with Psychology

The inception of colors is a behavioural psychology that has an unarguable effect on people choices of perseverance to accepting things of their choices.

There are some undisputable theories and studies that substantiates success behaviour of using appropriate colors in marketing blogs.

Technology peers always look for something new when it comes to implement their inbound marketing and sales strategies. Undoubtedly, text content has preowned fame but visual impacts are inarguably important and are highly noticeable that impels customers’ action.

Brand do makeovers according to audience preferences or likes that evokes a feeling of gratitude with classiness and honesty. It is the reason that helps businesses and corporates build impactful standards of marketing through the blogs.

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How website colours Schemes Enhance your Marketing Blog

Why Color Matters?

Being a marketer, it’s your liability to take care of your website or business blog so as to attract audience, take desired actions and making them do so, is an upshot your observations of influencing the audience and judging their insights of getting influenced.

A beautiful blog with endearing visuals is a delight to the emotions of a reader. It makes them stay longer at your blog, take actions such as subscribing your newsletter, check your offering and make a successful landing onto the sales page.

Selection of colors for grabbing attention and engaging customers can never be underestimated. It is an integral part of an online platform to create a market for specific genre to enact.

There is a sociological difference in selection of colors among genders. For women to have confessed their likings for pink, blue, purple and green while looking for any subjects online. Almost 35% of women expressed their inner love for colors such as blue and pink.

Whereas, men like blue, green and black colors that is traditionally associated with their character dominance qualities. Improving color appeal in your marketing strategies do help in improving conversions.

How the choice of colors in marketing your blog can enhance conversions?

It is always fascinating that people are driven by visually intriguing subjects. Study says, around 90% of people looking through ecommerce sites make their purchase on the basis their interest in colors influenced by brands.

The brand visibility and recognition by audience is increased by 80% when businesses use specific colors in customers interest.

Choosing your Combinations Right

Doing some research work helps you understand your audience better. Depicting audience’s interest areas, cultural backgrounds and visual preferences in your blog make buyers gravitate towards you and your business.

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Impulsive audience mostly responds to color blue, black, purple or orange whereas traditional audience primarily target towards red, pink or blue.

However, it is important to judge audience association with colors, their way. So that it doesn’t impose your choice on them. The colors chosen for the blog must resonate with the readers and also share your message of impersonating them with your business.

Observe your audience choices

While analysing your niche or making a branding strategy, psychological interpretations on color schemes is very much important. Your advice to your audience must be seen through blog and this can be done by making an excellent choice of call-to-action content and visually appealing colors.

Your research must involve content and colors that creates excitement in your audience upon seeing your blog, a sense of urgency to take positive actions and also deliver an impact that stays for long.

Business blog must see sustainability and luxury at the same time.

Deciding on color schemes based on psychological research is indeed a tough job while interpreting audience choices each time. You should make color choices that stands safer and can be digested in a healthy motive by the audience.

For example, the choices of green, blue, orange and black shows elegance, authority as well as luxury. This helps you create a visual legacy in your niche. The audience association of colors with their preferences helps building trust and togetherness with the brand.

Smart Color Choices

Designers put every effort to put the best into a website that appeal strong visual impact which impels audience to take action. Call- to-Action buttons are placed in the blogs to drive attention and intended for taking positive action. The choices of colors makes it more clickable.

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Color combinations in the blogs are strategized to increase clicks and make conversions possible. Effective use of color schemes is a good practice of achieving numbers that benefits the business.

For example, a blue themed website would never attract attention from user if the CTA buttons are of same color. The smart choices of putting colors into an actionable object must inevitably drive customer attention without any mix-ups.

How website colours Schemes Enhance your Marketing Blog

Enhancing you Marketing Blog

You should be watchful while choosing exact colors as per you’re your niche and audience. Visuals often speak powerful messages and if your choices of colors doesn’t suit audience readers experience, there are chances when they can leave you without having choice.

Although black can be interpreted as a color for luxury, darker backgrounds are often considered to be stay away from. Lighter shades of color on your blog appeal most consents to stand out.

As a professional designer or marketer, you must also understand the flaws of using excessive colors or vibrating colors in your blog. You should keep the minimalist looks with perfect combination of colors for your audience to find readable content at ecstasy.

Remember, you must also have your own color combinations upright and your value propositions that never get mixed-up with your competitors.


There is a key factor that never leverages excitement in your audience, is brand consistency. While the above sayings will be beneficial for you in pieces, the choices of your audience and your consistency will never derail if your giving’s and your customer preferences unite. This will be a right color for your marketing blog.

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